The idea of a Trolley Bike/Bar is not a new one, we actually found out about this type of business from a guy on a plane to MN, they now have six trolley bikes I heard.  He said that he and his wife had plans with a group of their friends to rent it out for a few hours on Sat. night.  They had done it before, and said it was ‘the most fun they’d had in years’.

After doing our homework, researching the feasibility (market, engineering for hills, landing zones, etc., did I mention hills), getting through the business and marketing planning, working with the City of Asheville (who I should mention have been fantastic to work with)we’re almost ready to launch the Amazing Pubcycle.  We have a couple downtown Asheville tour routes planned.

Our goal is to offer several tours including: Brewery Tour, Corporate Events, Non-Profit Pro-Bono Rides, Progressive Dinner Tour, Pub Peddle, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, and Sustainability Tours.  Each tour will include different destinations, and we’re working with several establishments to figure out our Pick-Up Meeting Places.

Check out the build photos, we’re getting close.  Should be shipped & ready in 6-8 weeks, couldn’t be soon enough.