The casting call meet and greet will be double purposed as a social event and auditions.  Anyone and everyone are welcome, whether you’re interested in working with us, or just want to meet Pubcycle members and join in the fun.  The venue PULP is located under the Orange Peel in downtown Asheville on Biltmore Ave.

First off, we appreciate all of your responses that we received for drivers/entertainers and very much look forward to meeting all those who are com

pulp-89ing.  The Pubcycle will no doubt be a fantastic voyage, but the right minds and personalities on the crew will make or break the customer experience and the success of the company.

The format for this event will be an informal open introduction for everyone who has the ambition to join the team.  We want to first-off throw down a clear understanding of our business model, the goods (bike), partnerships and the timeline.  Secondly, have potential Drivers/Entertainers introduce themselves & tell their story to the group; and be creative in showing us how you’d make an excellent driver, entertainer, marketer & poster child for the company.

Thank you for liking Amazing Pubcycle!