Because we love Cans on the Pubcycle, I bring you (drumroll please):

6 great local beers…in Cans!

Asheville Brewing Rocket Girl Lager

What’s not to like? I once heard a rider say “It’s the lightest beer you can drink in this town and still act like you know what you’re f*$@ng talking about.” Not strictly true, but hey, its tasty.

French Broad Wee Heaver

A fantastic scotch ale. Its all the smooth-sailing goodness you want in darker beers but you finish it and think “Where did it all go?” Its like drinking a pack of shortbread girlscout cookies. You can’t stop and you don’t even notice you’re out, but then you’re crying watching the final episode of Gilmore girls.

French Broad Kolsch

Don’t let the fancy name fool you, it’s a down to earth Kolsch. Wish you had an uber-drinkable corporate sellout beer in your hand but don’t want to be THAT GUY? This Kolsch is the perfect upgrade to ditch the fat cats and drink in style.

Asheville Brewing Shiva IPA

Do you like IPAs? Love ‘em. Conversation over–because you’ve already bought this beer, right? Wait…what’s that? You haven’t? I’m going to punch you.

Pisgah Pale Ale

Its oh-so-smooth and oh-so-fresh! Its organic, so you can also bring your reusable shopping bag, your glass water bottle with the weird rubber around it, and your stinky Birkenstocks (even though you just bought them).

Ninja Porter

The definitive dark beer of Asheville in a can! You grow a beard, move to Montford, and start begrudging Florida license plates as soon as you pop the top.
So next time you’re thinking about a beer-bike-a-palooza, don’t forget the cans!